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C95510 Rod
Aluminum Nickel Bronze ASTM B505
C955 | 955 | CDA955 | CA955 | 95500

Copper Aluminum Iron Manganese Nitrogen Tin Zinc 
78% Min. 9.7-10.9% 2-3.5% 1.5% Max. 4.5-5.5% 0.2% Max. 0.3% Max. 


C95510 / AMS 4880 is one of the most popular landing gear bushing materials specified today along with C63000 material. This continuous / centrifugal cast alloy is heat treated and exhibits high mechanical strength which meets the properties of C63000 (AMS 4640).

  • High mechanical strength
Meets ASTM-B505 Specifications (The following are also available upon request:)
  • ASTM-B505
  • SAE-J461
  • SAE-J462
  • AMS-4880
Forms Available

RoundDiam. 0.5" to 12"Request a Quote!  
TubeDiam. 0.5" to 10.000"Request a Quote!  

Physical Properties
Density0.272Lbs. per cubic inch @ 68°F (annealed)
Modulus16Elastic modulus in tension x 106 P.S.I.
Electrical Conductivity8.5% IACS at 68°F (annealed)
Thermal Conductivity24.2BTU per foot per hour per °F at 68°F (annealed)
Thermal Expansion9Inches per inch x 10-6 from 68°F to 572°F

Mechanical Properties
Tensile StrengthYield OffsetElongationHardness
x 1000 P.S.I.0.2% offset x 1000 P.S.I.% in 2 Inches
0.500" - ≤1.000" Diam.
105 Min.63 Min.9 Min.-
>1.000" - 12.000" Diam.
95 Min.50 Min.8 Min.HBW 195

Hardness Legend  HBW: Brinell (Tungsten Carbide Ball)  

NOTE: The information contained herein are intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. It is given without obligation or liability. Contact us for manufacturers' complete material property datasheets.

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